mom and her child playingAs a busy mom, you don’t have lots of time to spend recovering after mommy makeover surgery. The good news is that with some planning ahead of time, you can take steps to minimize downtime and get back to your normal routine quickly. But never try to rush things after surgery, and make sure you’re well situated to allow your body the time it needs to heal.

The Right Expectations

While you won’t see mommy makeover results the first day (or even the first week) after your surgery, it is important to set mileposts that can help you get back to normal. Use this quick guide to plan for when you might be ready to add back in more and more activities:

  • Going Back to Work: Most of our mommy makeover patients would do well to take about 2 weeks off of work. Of course, it all depends on exactly which procedures you are having as part of your makeover. We’ll provide more details during your consultation so you can plan ahead. This is also a key time to ensure you have support for daily activities around the house.
  • Restarting Your Exercise Routine: We encourage walking and light activity very soon after your procedure, so that you can increase healthy blood flow and limit the risk of blood clots. After a few weeks, you should be ready to add back in more strenuous exercise, including aerobic activity with minimal weight lifting. Usually the last thing that gets added back in are situps/crunches or other abdominal exercises if you had a tummy tuck as part of your procedure.
  • Going for a Swim: To maximize healing of incisions and minimize the risk of infection, avoid submerging yourself in water after your procedure. Women who have tummy tuck surgery will need to wait longer than other types of surgery, due to the more extensive incisions and sutures involved.
  • Seeing Scars Fade: Simply put, incisions take time to heal and fade. It will typically take many months or even a year before scars have lightened noticeably. You can help this process by staying out of the sun, always wearing sunscreen, and applying our incision care instructions closely.

Talk with Us

You have a lot to consider when thinking about mommy makeover surgery. While your recovery time is an important aspect of achieving the results you want, it can go by quickly and nearly effortlessly with proper planning. We encourage you to contact us online or call the office today at (317) 773-6677 to schedule a consultation and let us help you discover your options.

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Your Mommy Makeover Recovery Time May Vary
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