Side profile of a young woman measuring her bustYour breast augmentation procedure is complete, and you are excited to see the results. However, don’t get discouraged when your new breasts just aren’t what you expected. Breast augmentation recovery takes some time, and your new breasts must undergo the “drop and fluff” process before you will see the real results. Here we help you understand what to expect after breast augmentation and give you an idea of when your breast implants will drop into place.

Your First Week after Augmentation

Immediately after your breast augmentation, your implants will likely look like they are sitting high and compressed. They will feel very firm, and your nipples will likely appear very low and point downwards. You will see very little side or bottom rounding of the breasts, often looking square, with little outward projection and minimal bottom fullness. Have no fear! This is all normal. At this stage of augmentation recovery, you still have swelling and may even experience mild to moderate bruising. This is the time where your body is adjusting to the new implants while they begin to settle. It is also a time where it is important to wear the support bras recommended by your surgeon.

Weeks Two Through 12

During these weeks, your implants will begin the “drop and fluff” process. But what does that mean? During this time, you will notice that the bottom of the breast implant begins to settle, or drop, towards the bottom of the breast area. You will also notice upper breast swelling reduces, revealing a more natural breast appearance.

Implants stretch out the skin during augmentation, resulting in skin tightness that can make your implants feel tight and hard. Fluffing occurs when the tight skin finally begins to stretch and soften as it gets used to the new implants. This stretching allows the implants to settle, giving you a more natural breast feel and appearance.

Optimal Breast Position Around 6 Months to A Year

While every woman is eager to see their new results, it is important to understand that optimal breast augmentation results can take up to a year to achieve. Your implants will continue to drop and fluff during this time. How long it takes to reach optimal results is different for every woman. Small-framed women may take longer to reach optimal results than those women who are postpartum and have already experienced breast tissue stretching.

If you would like to learn more about breast augmentation and what to expect after your procedure, contact Hamilton Surgical Arts online today or call our office at (317) 773-6677 to schedule an appointment. We always look forward to answering your questions and helping you achieve the body you desire.

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Your Breast Implants Won’t Look Perfect Right Away
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