woman in black tank topMore and more women are going for a natural look when having breast implant surgery. Long gone are the days when very large, obvious “boob jobs” were the norm. Given the trend for smaller, more subtle augmentation, are breast implants still a choice for petite and slender women?

Smaller Breast Implants

Breast implants, measured in cubic centimeters (cc’s), typically range from 200cc to 500cc. Very small implants can contain as little as 125cc. In general, implants under 250cc will result in an increase of one cup size or less. Obviously, for a smaller woman with little to no existing breast tissue, a 125cc implant will create a more noticeable augmentation than the same implant placed for a larger woman.

Sizing Considerations

Implant size is not the only consideration for smaller women considering breast augmentation. There is also the shape of the implant to consider, with the main components being how wide the implant is (diameter) and how much it sticks out from the chest wall (projection). Petite women tend to look best with a narrower implant, and many choose a lower projection so that the implant is not overly obvious. Lower profile implants with a flatter projection will add volume evenly across the chest, and tend to look the most natural in cases where a woman has very little existing breast tissue.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

While the big picture of small implants is pretty easy to understand, there are a number of variables that will impact what the best implant is for each woman. For instance, some smaller women still have broader shoulders, while others may be more petite from head to toe. Similarly, some petite women are naturally endowed with more breast tissue, while others are quite thin throughout their upper body. Adding to this, each woman has a different idea of what her ideal results will look like after surgery. This is why the consultation time with your cosmetic surgeon is the most important opportunity to talk over your options, learn more about your surgeon’s credentials, and find the best breast implant fit.

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Your Best Breast Advice When You Have a Smaller Frame
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