after breast augmentationLots of prep work usually goes into the pre-breast augmentation process, but once the procedure is all said and done, many women feel a little confused about what to expect after breast augmentation.

If you’re not quite sure what’s “normal” as you heal, take a look at these common after effects of breast implants and why they happen.  

Tightness and Swelling

If your breasts feel tight, swollen and a little uncomfortable after getting implants, this is most likely part of the normal healing process and shouldn’t be cause for concern. As your skin and muscle tissue adjust to your implants and once swelling begins to subside, you should notice a significant improvement in this feeling of tightness.*

“Riding High”

Many women notice that their implants appear to be sitting unnaturally high on their chest wall in the first few days and weeks after breast enhancement. This, however, is completely normal, and breast implants tend to “ride high” until the breast pocket softens and the implants begin to “drop and fluff” into placefor soft, natural-looking breast augmentation results.*


Similarly, if you notice that one breast implant seems to be settling into place more quickly than the other, don’t panic. Some amount of asymmetry is to be expected, as each breast can heal at a slightly different rate.

If asymmetry is a concern prior to breast augmentation, let your cosmetic surgeon know that this is something you’d like to address through breast enhancement.

Post-Op Blues

Althoughnot often discussed, it is perfectly normal to feel a bit down right after your breast augmentation, as getting breast implants is a major change in your life. If you have specific concerns or questions, don’t hesitate to give your cosmetic surgeon’s office a call.

*This information is for education only, and is not meant as a guarantee of results. Your results may vary.


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What's "Normal" after Breast Augmentation?
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What's "Normal" after Breast Augmentation?
Not sure what to expect after breast augmentation? Cosmetic surgeons Dr. Jackson and Dr. Lowery of Marion, Indiana share some of the most common effects.
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