October 2020

You Get What You Pay for with a Mommy Makeover

We all love a good deal, but it's important to prioritize quality over the price tag when it comes to the cost of a mommy makeover. Here are a few important factors to consider before [...]

September 2020

Getting Back To Normal After Breast Augmentation [Infographic]


Getting Back To Normal After Breast Augmentation [Infographic]
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Getting Back To Normal After Breast Augmentation [Infographic]
View our September 2020 infographic from the team at Hamilton Surgical Arts in Indianapolis, Indiana.
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Hamilton Surgical Arts
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August 2020

Do You Need a Marble for Your Post-Tummy Tuck Belly Button?

A common concern for patients after their tummy tuck is wondering what their new belly button will look like. Some patients go so far as to use a marble to support the end result. But [...]

July 2020

June 2020

3 Reasons to Bring a Friend to Your Breast Augmentation Consult

After making the decision to pursue breast augmentation, preparing for your initial consultation is essential. In addition to creating a list of questions for the surgeon and considering your preferred breast implant size, you may [...]

May 2020