Dr. Robert Jackson (Sr) was recommended to me by NUMEROUS other medical professionals that I’ve met over my 15 years of experience as a dental hygienist. Lots of doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses are patients at my 4 doctor dental practice. Many of these patients who recommended I see him have either seen him themselves or has had a family member see him… all with wave reviews about him being the doc to go to if you want a reduction or augmentation. He’s older for a doc and has tons of experience. I was impressed by his thoroughness in telling me what vitamins he even wanted me to start taking weeks prior to surgery. He highly recommended that I pay an out-of-pocket extra to have PRP (platelet rich plasma) incorporated into the surgery because I would heal much more quickly. I hadn’t even heard that was an option from any other surgeon. I go in 1x/wk for “e-stim” which promotes nerve regeneration. Next week he’s going to incorporate a needling procedure that will help with any scarring. I’m 3 weeks out, healing well, and am very impressed with his work. The lady that does his insurance pre-authorizations, Lissa, is simply AMAZING. She got everything submitted & approved very quickly. I swear she works magic! I have already recommended him to many people who’ve asked me about how my surgery went & if Im happy with the results and so forth. People are so quick to post negative comments, but not praise when a job is done well. I wanted to be sure to give him some positive feedback and share my experience with others who may be struggling with neck, shoulder, lower back discomfort. I can tell such a big difference already! Thanks Dr.Jackson!