Loose or excess skin can result from weight loss, age or genetics and can be nearly impossible to get rid of through traditional methods like diet and exercise. For women and men interested in non-invasive methods to correct this cosmetic concern, there are a variety of nonsurgical tissue and skin tightening treatments that can offer excellent long-lasting results.

Contact us online or call one of our cosmetic centers, conveniently located in Noblesville, Indianapolis and Marion, to learn more about our options for aesthetic, reconstructive and nonsurgical treatments. Our team of surgeons has helped thousands of men and women throughout the state of Indiana feel confident in their appearance through nonsurgical tissue and skin tightening treatments.

About Tissue Tightening

As our skin’s collagen production slows over time, skin can sag or sometimes develop a sunken-in appearance. In many cases, lifestyle changes like diet and exercise aren’t enough to address loose or excess skin, which is why many women and men turn to nonsurgical tissue and skin tightening treatment options. These procedures are relatively quick to perform and don’t require extensive downtime afterwards, making them a convenient choice for people in all stages of life. If you have modest amounts of loose skin on your face or body and would like to improve your appearance without surgery, skin tightening may be the right solution for you.

If you’re considering a nonsurgical tissue or skin tightening procedure, one of our skilled cosmetic surgeons would be happy to consult with you one-on-one to determine the best treatment option to suit your needs and goals. People who are concerned with deep facial lines or have more significant amounts of excess skin in the face or body may be better candidates for facial cosmetic surgery or surgical body contouring, although this is something you can discuss in more detail during your consultation.

You can review our tissue tightening before and after photo gallery to view examples of the kinds of results you can expect from nonsurgical tissue tightening treatment.

Your Tissue & Skin Tightening Treatment

We offer a variety of nonsurgical options to restore the structure and firmness to your face, neck, chin and décolletage areas as well other parts of the body such as the arms, abdominal region or legs. Depending on your individual needs, our cosmetic surgeons may recommend a specific treatment option:

Reaction™ by Viora

Viora Reaction™ nonsurgical skin tightening employs innovative radiofrequency technology to contract tissue fibers and stimulate collagen production, greatly improving your skin’s laxity, sagginess and texture. Although 3 to 5 treatment sessions may be required to yield optimum results, each session typically lasts approximately 30 minutes, making radiofrequency skin tightening a convenient cosmetic treatment for many women and men.


Using the same low-level laser technology as Zerona® laser for nonsurgical fat removal, Verjú tissue tightening breaks up unwanted fatty tissue and corrects loose skin by triggering your body’s natural collagen production for a sleeker overall result. Verjú works best on localized fat of the waists, hips, thighs and lower abdomen. Each treatment typically takes about 30 minutes to complete, and most people achieve maximum results following multiple sessions.

Your Recovery & Results

Immediately following your nonsurgical tissue and skin tightening procedure, you can expect to return to your normal daily routine, as there are no side effects or downtime needed. While many people begin to notice better-defined contours after their first treatment, most women and men will see their final results once they’ve completed all of the recommended sessions.

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