Onychomycosis, or fungal infections of the nails, affects around 10 percent of the adult population. Nail infections are most common in the toenails, but they can occur in the fingernails as well, causing brittle, thickened or discolored nails. The Lunula Laser® is a unique fungal nail treatment that can get rid of fungal infections without medication.

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About Fungal Nail Treatment

An infected finger or toenail usually becomes overly thickened and turns black, white, green or yellow in color. While most fungal infections don’t cause physical discomfort, they can have a foul smell, and most people find them embarrassing because of their unsightly appearance. Fungal nail infections are fairly common but have often been notoriously difficult to treat. Topical treatments aren’t always effective and oral medications can come with side effects.

The Lunula Laser® offers a revolutionary onychomycosis treatment that uses low-level laser energy to eliminate foot fungus in only a handful of 12-minute sessions.

The Lunula Laser® is quick, painless and noninvasive, attacking the infection from its source while fortifying the body’s natural immune system. By maximizing the surface area being treated, the Lunula Laser® finds every hidden crevice, attacking dormant infections in areas that could be easily missed by topical creams, restoring your hands and feet to optimal health and appearance.

During your consultation, you’ll be able to learn more about the science behind this innovative laser nail treatment and ask your laser technician any questions you may have. Be sure to tell your technician about your history with onychomycosis and any medications or treatments you have used or are currently using.

A standard Lunula Laser® treatment involves 4 sessions that last around 12 minutes each, spaced about a week apart. Depending on the extent of your fungal nail infection, however, your technician may prescribe a customized treatment regimen. Pricing is $1000 for 1 year of treatment (4 treatments total with rechecks every 2 months). Alternatively, individual appointments are $300 per treatment.

If you have other aesthetic concerns about your hands or feet, you may wish to consider additional laser treatments.

Your Lunula Laser® Treatment

During your laser onychomycosis treatment, you will be asked to remove your shoes and socks if treating the feet, and your skin will be cleaned using an antiseptic spray or wipe. You will then be asked to slip your hand or foot into the Lunula device. After ensuring that your hand or foot is properly aligned, your technician will activate the device. During the actual treatment, you may relax and read a book or magazine, or just sit back and close your eyes. Each treatment takes 12 minutes and may cause a slight warming sensation, but otherwise should not result in any discomfort.

Your Recovery & Results

Lunula Laser® treatments for fungal nail infections are noninvasive and require no downtime. You should not experience any discomfort, bruising or pain, and you may return to your normal routine immediately following your appointment.

While the fungal infection should be eradicated once you complete your treatment sessions, it will take some time for the treated nails to regrow. Most people are able to see significant improvement within 3 months of starting treatment, while others may wait up to 18 months for a toenail that was treated entirely to grow back.

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