Woman in workout clothes walking near a pier holding her hair off above her headBreast augmentation is a common procedure that enhances the chest and gives a woman the curves they desire. However, breast augmentation is not the same for all women. Female athletes, or those with a slenderer build, often have less body fat and breast tissue that can affect how a breast augmentation will look. Breast augmentation for athletic women requires some special considerations.

Consider Your Body Type

Athletic women seeking breast augmentation are often looking for an improvement in appearance but do not want something that will affect athletic performance. In most cases, women with an athletic build have a smaller chest frame, as well as less body fat. Lower levels of body fat can affect the amount of breast tissue that a surgeon can work with during breast augmentation.

Understand How Implant Size and Profile are Different for Athletic Women

Smaller implant volume is often enough to provide a natural enhancement for athletic women and those with a slender build.

Women with smaller bodies need to understand that an implant size will look different on their frame than on someone with a larger frame. For example, a 350cc implant may not seem like a large implant, but on a small frame, this could be enough to provide a substantial increase without giving a “squeezed together” or “top-heavy” appearance. In addition, high-profile implants can provide a more projected appearance without crowding on the chest.

Plan around Your Workout or Performance Schedule

As an athlete, you must consider your workout routine and competition schedule when planning a breast augmentation. As a surgical procedure, recovery is necessary. This means that your regular workout routine will have to be set aside, in most cases, for at least four to six weeks during your breast augmentation recovery. Plan your breast augmentation procedure during your off-season and talk with your surgeon about when you can start to ease back into physical activity. Exercising too early can lead to complications after surgery, which can affect your results, including scarring.

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How to Get Your Breast Augmentation Just Right if You’re Slender
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How to Get Your Breast Augmentation Just Right if You’re Slender
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