Woman in sportsbra lifting hand weights in an exercise class.One of the most popular questions before breast enhancement is, “What size implants should I get?” While the answer to this question can depend on many factors, like your natural anatomy and your overall goals, more and more women are opting for smaller implants for their breast augmentation. Why? These are just some of the many ways that modestly-sized implants can boost your look.

1. Get Natural-Looking Results

Today’s breast augmentations are very much focused on achieving a balanced, natural look. Contrary to some stereotypes, cartoonishly large breast implants are not the desired outcome. In fact, spotting a well-done “boob job” should be close to impossible because the result is so in tune with a woman’s natural proportions.

Going with smaller implants generally means that you can achieve this natural body shape and avoid fake-looking results, especially if you have a petite build to begin with.

2. Complement an Active Lifestyle

Choose an implant size that’ll be in harmony with your natural body shape and proportions.

Runners, swimmers, horseback riders and anyone else who leads an active lifestyle can absolutely benefit from going with a more modestly-sized implant. Larger implants can make these activities more difficult and uncomfortable, and finding sports bras to support the added weight of overly large implants can be a challenge.

3. Show off Trendy Fashion Styles

The latest clothing styles — like plunging necklines, sheer tops and “side boob” dresses — favor smaller breast implants. Smaller breasts can make wearing these styles easier without worrying about an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction.


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