Hamilton - Silicone implants on hand and natural brestWhen you go out shopping for bras, you consider sizes such as 34B or 36C. When it comes to choosing breast implant sizes, those letters go right out the window. You measure breast implants by volume, and you will see sizes such as 250cc or 350cc. In addition, when choosing breast implants, you also look at diameter and breast profile

However, when you are considering breast implant sizes, you must also take into consideration your natural breast and body size, the amount of breast tissue you have and your natural breast width.

Natural Breast Size and Body Size

When considering breast implants and breast augmentation, you and your surgeon must take some measurements into consideration. The first measurement is your current breast size and amount of breast tissue. Breast tissue is essential to cover your new implants and how much existing tissue you have can limit your implant size options. For example, if you have minimal breast tissue, there may not be enough to cover a large implant and can lead to a “rippled” appearance. 

Your natural body size and contours play a role in which breast implant size is right for you.

Your surgeon will also consider your shoulder width, the width of your hips, your height and the width of your ribcage. All these measurements factor into which implant sizes will provide your desired goals, proportionate body contours and reduced risk of implant complications.

Breast Width

Your surgeon determines your natural breast width by measuring from the cleavage area to the outer edge. To achieve a natural look with breast implants, you want an implant that is about the same width as your natural breast. Choosing a wider implant can cause an unnatural appearance.

Your Natural Breast Tissue Thickness

While your amount of breast tissue is important, so is the thickness of breast tissue. For example, a woman with thicker breast tissue can accommodate a wider implant size than a woman with thinner breast tissue. Thin tissue can become stretched by the implant and end up showing visible rippling of the implant.

 For more information on which breast implant size is best for your natural breast shape and body type, contact Hamilton Surgical Arts online today or call the office at 317-773-6677.

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