Breast Augmentation Results Over TimeAfter you have breast implant surgery, it can take time to adjust to your new breast size and shape. Will your breasts look the way they do now forever? How will they change in five or ten years? Can you expect to have the same breast profile forever or do breast implants change over time?

Settling Must Occur First

During the first weeks after your breast augmentation procedure, your implants may be sitting higher than you originally expected. This often is due to swelling and the fact that tight pectoralis muscles are flattening the implants and pushing them upwards. As the swelling diminishes and the muscles have time to relax, your implants begin to settle and fluff, eventually reaching their ideal shape and position within a few months.

Breasts Can Change Over Time

Over time and and given the natural aging process, your breast implants can change in both shape and size. These breast changes are often in response to changes in the overlying breast tissue and the effects of gravity on the body. While the implants themselves may still be in good shape, they will not stop the aging process and, over time, you may find that the feel and appearance of your breasts are not as desirable as they once were.

Breast Implants Don’t Last a Lifetime

While breast implants can last for many years, new guidance from the FDA indicates that women with breast implants should have periodic screening to ensure the implants are intact and functioning as indicated. For older implants, women may choose to remove them or replace them with a newer implant type.

Many breast implant revision surgeries also include a breast lift to create a more youthful look. Whether due to body changes as the result of aging or the lifespan of your implants, breast revision surgery can help you maintain your desired appearance for many more years.

To learn more about how breast implant revision and augmentation can help you restore the look of your breasts, contact Hamilton Surgical Arts online or call (317) 773-6677 today to schedule a consultation.

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Does Your Breast Augmentation Result Change over Time?
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Does Your Breast Augmentation Result Change over Time?
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