Close up shot of glass marbles.A common concern for patients after their tummy tuck is wondering what their new belly button will look like. Some patients go so far as to use a marble to support the end result. But do you really need a marble to ensure your belly button turns out just right? The answer is NO.

A qualified cosmetic surgeon will work to create a natural-looking belly button. As you heal, you may be tempted to try the marble trick but hear us out first before rummaging around for one.

What is the Marble Trick?

The marble trick involves placing a marble inside your belly button after the incisions have completely healed. A small piece of tape holds the marble in place for a specific amount of time each day.

The idea behind this is that the belly button will heal around the marble, creating the perfect size and shape. However, with a skilled cosmetic surgeon, this should happen naturally, without the aid of a marble.

A Good Tummy Tuck Shouldn’t Require a Marble

An experienced cosmetic surgeon should be able to create a belly button that looks natural after you heal from your tummy tuck. However, it’s important to remember that healing takes time. After a tummy tuck procedure, your belly will most likely swell, scar tissue may be inflamed and red and your belly button may leave a lot to be desired.

What you see immediately after surgery is not your final result. As you heal and the swelling goes down, your new belly button should emerge. To learn more about a tummy tuck, contact us today at 317-773-6677 or head on over to our “contact us” page.


Do You Need a Marble for Your Post-Tummy Tuck Belly Button?
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Do You Need a Marble for Your Post-Tummy Tuck Belly Button?
Hamilton Surgical Arts in Indianapolis, IN explains what the tummy tuck marble trick is and why you shouldn’t need a marble to achieve a beautiful belly button.
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