Doctor holding breast implantsBreast augmentation is today’s most popular cosmetic surgery, with nearly 300,000 women in the United States electing to have the procedure each year. We’ve all heard stories about breast augmentation, including some negative buzz. However, many of these rumors are just that: unproven gossip. It’s time to debunk the myths and separate the fiction from true breast augmentation facts.

1. You Can Customize Your Breast Augmentation Results

No two boob jobs are alike! Your cosmetic surgeon can help you customize the size, shape, feel and placement of your breasts to achieve your desired results. During your consultation, make sure you voice all concerns and questions you may have.

2.  Breast Implant Sizing Isn’t an Exact Science

Perhaps one of the first choices you will make when considering breast augmentation is the size of your implants. Breast implants are not measured by cup size, which is subjective and varies among bra manufacturers. Rather than aiming for an exact cup size, your surgeon should focus on matching breast width, diameter, and position to your natural measurements. Choosing a breast implant size relative to your frame can mean more flattering, comfortable and longer-lasting results.

3. Breast Implants Can Look Natural

When performed properly, breast augmentation should look natural. Submuscular placement of implants offers an additional layer of tissue over the implants, along with additional support. A full, round, high implant can contribute to a false look. If you’re going for a more natural appearance, you might consider teardrop-shaped implants, which mimic the shape of the breast. Ask your cosmetic surgeon about the different types of breast implants and which might be right for you.

4. Breast Implants Can Feel Natural

While each type of implant has its own advantages, silicone implants are considered to feel the most natural. Silicone gel has a texture that closely mimics the feel of actual breast tissue. Immediately following surgery, breasts will sit high on the chest and feel firm at first, because it takes time for implants to settle, a process known as dropping and fluffing. Over time, your breast implants will feel softer and settle into a natural placement.

5.You Don’t Necessarily Need New Implants Every 10 Years

Breast implants do not necessarily need to be removed after a certain amount of time. The most common reason for replacement is rupture or leaking, which is more likely to happen with age. Implants are not expected to last forever, but there’s no hard and fast rules about when you need to replace them.

If you aren’t having any issues with your implants and you remain diligent about self-exams and getting checked by your physician, your implants may last longer than the standard 10-year mark. The longevity of implants also depends on your age at the time of augmentation and the type of implants you choose, as well as your physical health.

6. You Can Breastfeed after Breast Augmentation

Contrary to popular belief, breastfeeding is possible after breast augmentation. True, breast augmentation with a periareolar incision could sever milk ducts, which may affect milk supply or production as well as nipple sensitivity. However, if breastfeeding after augmentation is a priority for you, your cosmetic surgeon can use an inframammary incision (under the breast fold). Selecting smaller implants and placing implants under the muscle also make for minimal interference with breastfeeding.

7. Implants Have Not Been Proven to Cause Health Problems

While there was plenty of media coverage back in the 90s claiming possible links between various health concerns and breast implants, scientific studies have shown otherwise. Silicone gel, saline, and gummy bear implants have all been approved for cosmetic and reconstructive use by the FDA.

8. Breast Implants Can Boost More Than Cup Size

While the most obvious perk of getting breast implants is enjoying a larger breast size, the benefits don’t stop at the physical. Following breast augmentation, many women report higher self-confidence that can translate into improved relationships at work and in their personal life—including enjoying an improved sex life.

9. Surgeon Experience Matters

The skill level of your cosmetic surgeon will have an impact on your results, which is why it’s so important to choose someone who is board-certified and has many years of experience in performing breast augmentation. Do your research, ask the right questions and examine your surgeon’s portfolio to ensure that they deliver consistently beautiful results.

10. Breast Augmentation Surgery Can Be Affordable

While it may seem breast augmentation is only for the rich and famous, you don’t have to be super wealthy to get breast implants. Cosmetic breast enhancement is not covered by health insurance, but many cosmetic surgery practices offer payment plans and financing options to help you reach your goals. Of course, cost may vary based on the type of implants you select, as well as the experience and location of your surgeon.

11. Breast Implants Don’t Have to Look Obvious

A skilled cosmetic surgeon can give you natural-looking results so you can be as discreet as you like about your breast augmentation. Recovery time is typically short, so you shouldn’t have to take much time off from work after your procedure. Most women can return to sedentary work in just 5 to 7 days after breast augmentation. Coworkers might just you’ve taken a well-deserved vacation that’s left you looking amazing!


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